TargEDys' partners

Our partners

Our mission being to detect, transpose and make available microbiome-based innovations addressing global public health issues, our success depends on our partners – R&D partners for the establishment of the science, industrial partners for the products to exist, and business partners for global market access and promotion.

Why partner with TargEDys?
With our precision probiotic approach delivering science-backed efficacy and much-sought, specific mechanisms of action, integrating our products to your range will propel your company onto the podium of innovators leading the pack of the next generation of probiotics. Partner with us to make a commercial success and a reputational soar.

1. Research and development partners


A long-standing partner of TargEDys, the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) is behind the 20 years of research that resulted in the creation of the company in partnership with the Rouen University Hospital. Founders of TargEDys Professors Déchelotte and Fetissov come from the Inserm laboratory in Rouen.

More recently, Inserm is continuing research in the area of stress and anxiety with TargEDys.

CHU Rouen

The University Hospital of Rouen (CHU) is the second founding Institution of TargEDys.

Being associated with a hospital is a great opportunity to link product development to the reality of clinical practice and needs.


The most recent partner of TargEDys, the Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon (IGFL) is specialized in studying bacterial strains in the sphere of optimization of nutrition and growth. L. plantarum WJL comes from this collaboration and promotes growth in juveniles.

2. Distribution partners

Biocodex, France, Portugal & Poland

Biocodex is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company built on high- standard science and manufacturing, with six decades of proven success. Founded in 1953, the company’s initial focus was gastroenterology featuring a unique probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745®, the first probiotic drug of its kind that has a positive effect on gut health.
More information at https://www.biocodex.com/en/

PharmExtracta, Italy

PharmExtracta, the flagship of bacterial therapy, is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector and an established expert in the probiotic and phytotherapy space, with a focus on innovative formulations, backed by cutting-edge science published in the most important peer-rewied journals. The strategy of PharmExtracta is to focus on medical promotion, with a constant exchange with the specialists, including with a strong educational approach such as through the PharmExtracta Campus and webinars.
More information at https://www.pharmextracta.com/en/

Medilab One, Croatia & Bosnia

« Balance, our way of life »
Medilab One is a leader in diabetes monitoring products and exclusive distributor of high-quality diabetes and chronic disease products of well-known global brands. With a strong reputation built on quality, reliability, and innovation, Medilab One strives to enable complete solutions and improve people’s quality of life, investing efforts to support the users of their products find the right balance between the burden of living with a disease and enjoying their everyday life. In respect to healthcare professionals, the strategy of Medilab One is primarily focused on providing support and medical communication, as well as nurturing a strong relationship with endocrinologists, nutritionists, and weight management clinics. The company will complete the communication approach with visits to pharmacists, and direct to consumer messages.
More information at https://www.medilabone.com/

SymbioPharm, Germany

SymbioPharm GmbH is a pioneer in microbiome research and knowledge-based probiotics – since 1954. Its mission is to preserve health and to heal diseases with probiotic bacteria – making use of purely biological effect of natural bacteria. Therefore, it researches the human microbiome and develops innovative microbiological therapy approaches. The company holds a state-of-the-art production facility, and showcases comprehensive expertise from diagnostics – with the Institute for Microecology – to innovative solutions.
More information at https://www.symbiopharm.de/

Inoliva, Turkey

Inoliva is a pioneering pharmaceutical company formed under the leadership of experienced specialists, driven by the mission to provide the public with access to innovative products that bring protective, functional and holistic medical practices in our lives.
The strategy of Inoliva is multi-channel with a focus on dieticians, a strong relationship with the pharmacist’s network, combined with a Direct-to-Consumer promotion.
Abdi Ibrahim, the leading pharmaceutical company in Turkey, acquired 90% of Inoliva’s shares in October 2021 and will focus on growth in consumer healthcare and biotechnology in future years.
More information at https://www.inoliva.com.tr

Prodfra, Vietnam

Prodfra is a family company based in France and specialized in the importation of high-quality French products in Asia and particularly in Vietnam, with experience in the pharmaceutical industrial sector, and a range of food supplements, some of which are already marketed in Vietnam. From healthcare to baby products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical equipment and beyond, Prodfra offers their customers real French quality and assists them in understanding and following the customs procedures in order to get French products to reach their final destination. With a strong culture of the Asian marketplace and marketing, including to nurseries, schools, clinics, hospitals, pediatricians, nutritionists, pharmacies, and retailers, as well as digital promotion and TV, Prodfra and their associates Truong Bao Land invest in their parters’ brands and have a perfect position to endorse this children’s growth innovative supplement.
More information at www.prodfra.com