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Our mission is to detect, transpose and make available innovations based on the microbiome to address global health challenges.


Breakthrough Microbiome-Based Solutions

“The human microbiome in its diversity will be the Amazon rainforest of the 21st century and will supply new active molecules produced by bacteria”. – Grégory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys.

Recent studies have described the key role of the microbiome in wellbeing and its potential to target global health issues such as obesity, undernutrition, stress and anxiety.

To utilize and optimize this potential, TargEDys focuses on research, development and commercialization of breakthrough microbiome-based technologies and products.

At TargEDys, we believe that the microbiome is key in health, and our vision is to bring the Microbiome to the heart of healthcare.

Rooted in Science

Our mission: to detect, transpose and make available microbiome-based innovations addressing global public health issues.

The identity of TargEDys is based on its strong scientific background in the microbiome field.

TargEDys comes from two professors of medicine, Pierre Déchelotte and Serguei Fetissov, who studied the physiology of satiety and discovered that metabolites produced by the gut microbiota participate to the regulation of appetite.
Understanding that this research could be used to help people lose weight without suffering hunger, they created TargEDys to develop the probiotic solution leveraging this knowledge and mechanism of action.

The science of TargEDys is notorious thanks to the quality and quantity of scientific articles about our technologies, published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, and thanks to the numerous innovation awards received since its creation.

PreciBiomic Strains

Patrick Veiga in Nature Microbiology (1) observes limitations in the way probiotics are currently developed, from the isolation of strains to their testing without an understanding of the underlying mechanisms - leading to heterogeneity in the scientific results. He advocates that the probiotic sector must evolve from the notion of probiotic to that of “precision probiotic” with deciphered mechanisms and he describes TargEDys' first technology as an example of such “precision probiotic”. From there, we created the term PreciBiomic, from “precision” and “microbiome”.

Our PreciBiomic strains are characterized by two criteria:

1. A detailed mechanism of action described down to the molecular level
 2. In vivo proofs of efficacy

These specificities make PreciBiomic Strains unique solutions in the world of probiotics.

(1) Veiga, P., Suez, J., Derrien, M. et al. Moving from probiotics to precision probiotics. Nat Microbiol 5, 878–880 (2020).

About the company :

French Biocodex

French Biotech

Based in Paris & Rouen, Normandy

TargEDys translates its unique understanding of the gut-brain axis to develop and manufacture nutritional solutions to control metabolic diseases. The company aims to be at the forefront of safe and effective solutions to improve human health and quality of life.

Academic Research

Based on 20 years of academic Research

with eminent R&D patners

TargEDys research team at the Inserm laboratory and Rouen University Hospital identified a novel mechanism of appetite regulation mediated by bacterial protein ClpB and its action as a molecular mimetic to a key satiety hormone, alpha-MSH. ClpB activates anorexigenic pathways and supports weight loss. More recently, TargEDys in cooperation with the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon (IGFL) identified a new strain that optimizes the absorption of amino-acids, and represents a huge potential on growth, sports nutrition, sarcopenia, cachexia and anorexia.

3 technology platforms

3 technology platforms

Delivering nutraceutical solutions in different applications

TargEDys focuses on the research, development, production and commercialization of precision probiotics, with three technology platforms: Overweight and obesity with Hafnia alvei HA4597 ; Nutrition optimization with L. plantarum WJL and Stress and anxiety with a combination of two PreciBiomic strains.

5 finished products

5 finished products

Available for distribution

TargEDys' mission is to make available the technologies we developed to support people's health and quality of life as broadly as possible. Our business team is seeking synergies with pharmaceutical laboratories all around the world, willing to add innovation to their portfolio in a long-term partnership. Contact us to distribute our products!

10 patent families

10 patent families

Protecting TargEDys' unique knowledge and technologies

TargEDys expertise is based on its unique approach and science based on the microbiome. Its intellectual property and inventiveness is protected by 10 families of patents covering the three technologies.

Pr. Déchelotte and Pr. Fetissov

2 scientific founders

Experts in their field

Founded by Pr. Déchelotte and Pr. Fetissov, TargEDys works with renowned researchers to find ever more innovative microbiome-based technologies. The two professors were later joined by Pr. Leulier, who develops the re-nutrition axis for TargEDys, within the framework of a partnership with the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon (IGFL).

Next generation probiotics : Market overview & trends

Frost & Sullivan report

Frost & Sullivan published in 2022 an overview of the main trends in the sphere of next generation probiotics for weight management and optimal nutrition.

Next gen probiotics

Discover our technologies

Weight management with Hafnia alvei HA4597

Nutrition optimization with L. plantarum WJL

Stress & Anxiety with a combinaison of two PreciBiomic Strains.

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