The powers of the brain

13 November 2017 - This week "Le Point" offers you a very intersting file on the brain. 


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TargEDys at honor in "Entreprendre"

23 October 2017 - In its issue of October 2017, the french magazine "Entreprendre" presents TargEDys and its activities, with an interview of our CEO Gregory Lambert. 

TargEDys welcomes Antonia Trower !

16 October 2017 - We are pleased to announce that Antonia Trower is joining today our Team as a Marketing Project Manager. Previously, Antonia worked for Origin Sciences for 2 years as a product Manager and before she was a Marketing Manager at Loxbridge Research. Antonia is British and got a BSC in the Cancer Biology and immunology at the University of Bristol. We are so happy to welcome her at TargEDys and wish her all the very best and success in her new endeavor. 

What are the health consequences of obesity?

Which countries are most interested in food supplements?

The interest to dietary supplements in the worldwide is not the same. According to Google Trends data, the regions in the world where the term “dietary supplements” is the most searched on the internet, between 2004 and 2017 are: in the first place, the United States, followed by Philippines, Canada, Australia and India.

Actually, the United States has the largest dietary supplement market, so this can be a reason why it is in the top of searches with this term in Google.

Source: Google Trends (June 2017) 

Overview of the market of probiotic food supplements

14 september 2017 - While gut microbiota fascinates the scientific community by its involvement at different levels in our body’s functioning, probiotic-based food supplements’ sales are growing.

Global probiotics market reaches 40 billion €, of which 90% represent food products like yoghourts or drinks (fermented milks or drinks containing probiotics). The remaining 10% represent food supplements containing probiotics. This part of the market has significantly grown by 9% in 2016 compared to 2015. A 38% growth is expected by 2021 according to Euromonitor forecasts.

Sources: Euromonitor, 2015.


Probiotic food supplements : a strong heterogeneity within the European 

4 September 2017 - Europe occupies the third position in the global ranking of food supplements market and exceeded 12 billion euros of sales in 2016. However, there is a strong heterogeneity in terms of per capita consumption which often match with sales volumes. This gap can be seen between the mature/well developed markets (Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France) and developing markets (such as Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic) due to differences in terms of lifestyle level and food supplements consumption patterns.

Sources: Actif’s magazine n°58

TargEDys recruits two trainees

19 July 2017 - In the context of the development of ProbioSatys, the first food supplement of TargEDys, which is scheduled to be marketed within 2 years, we are looking for two interns for a period of 4 to 6 months under alternance contract :
- a marketing assistant with health training with or in the course of marketing / communication specialization.
- a quality product assistant with a specialization in quality.
These missions are based in Longjumeau (91). 
Application: send your CV and cover letter to

A growing interest for probiotics since 2014 !

17 July 2017 - According to Google Trends, between 2004 and 2017, the term “probiotics” is increasingly searched on the web. The image below, shows the growth of interest toward probiotics. The last maximum of search activity was in January and March 2017.

Sources: Google Trends (late June 2017) 

Did you know ?

6 July 2017 - Vitamins are essentials to ensure effective functioning of our body. But, did you know wich ones are the most frequently used in dietary supplements ? According to Actif’s magazine, the most commonly used are the B-group vitamins, followed by vitamin C and D.

Source : Actif’s magazine No.57



TargEDys at the Microbiome Drug Development Summit in Boston

28 June 2017 - Gregory Lambert presented TargEDys' activities and technology this wednesday morning in Boston during the Microbiome Drug Development Summit : he explained how appetite could be controled through microbiome. Interesting disscussions followed his intervention !


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A lovely day for a shooting session

15 June 2017 - This Wednesday in Rouen, the whole team was present at the University for a work session and then for a shooting session. Everyone had a good time !

French government tries to fight obesity 

7 June 2017 - As you know, our poor eating habits and sedentarisation have serious consequences on our health. Indeed, today nearly one in two French people over the age of 18 is affected by a weight problem, that is to say 23,4 million in total. (By 2018, 75% of Americans will be affected by overweight). To adress tho this phenomenon, French government launched programs such as the Obesisty plan or National Health Nutrition Plan (PNNS), encouraging a varied diet and the practice of regular sporting activities. Will it be enough ?



A video that presents TargEDys' technology by Grégory Lambert

30 May 2017 - In this video shooted in Amsterdam, ou CEO Gregory Lambert presents TargEDys' techconoly and explains how it is possible to regulate the appetite through the Microbiome. 


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Microbiome Invest : London calling

24 May 2017 -  We will be visiting Microbiome Invest in London next 30 - 31 may, with a big program : more than 70 attendees, 12 "pitch your microbes" presenters, 20 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings per person, 18 industry thought speakers...


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Vitafoods Europe : our busy program

10 May 2017 - In Geneva, we catch up with our existing suppliers, we meet potential suppliers to investigate possible other ingredients to integrate to our future products. We also get a view on what is being done in terms of weignt loss, weight control in the probiotic and other ingredients.


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TargEDys will be visiting Vitafoods in Geneva, 9 - 10 May! 

3 May 2017 - Vitafoods Europe is the annual event where the entire nutraceutical supply chain does business, attracting 18,500+ of the most senior decision-makers in the global nutraceutical industry. Vitafoods Europe provides visitors the opportunity to source ingredients, raw materials, dietary supplements and services to help grow their business. No other event offers the opportunity to do business with 1000+ global suppliers providing 1,000's of innovative products, plus gain crucial advice and expertise to help make better strategic business decisions.


More and more French people worry about staying in shape

25 April 2017 - The arrival of spring also rings the hour of slimming solutions. Even if they do not all try to diet, the number of French people wanting to lose weight tends to increase. According to Ipsos, 2/3 of the French seek to control their weight and 44% have already followed a diet at least once. Is that your case?


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Lack of appetite can be a sign of undernutrition

18 April 2017 - Even if, in developed countries, the major part of the population eats to its hunger, undernutrition is still observed, mostly in frail persons. Thus, the most affected populations are elderly people and cachexic patients. Elderly people living in retirement homes are very often dependent because of their advanced age and diverse pathologies. On the other side, cachexia is a deep weakening of the body linked to undernourishment, often due to other severe disease (usually cancer). The main objective of TargEDys, is to give people the urge to eat to meet the requirements of the body and overall to help them have a better life.


TargEDys at the Microbiome Congress in Amsterdam


30 March 2017 - We will be in Amsterdam on 3 and 4 April at the Microbiome Congress. On this occasion, our CEO Grégory Lambert will take stock on the work of TargEDys by answering the following questions: How does microbiome control appetite ? How does TargEDys intent to control appetite and body weight through a probiotic approach ? And curent preclinical results on TargEDys approach.


Clementine Picolo joins TargEDys

5 March 2017 - Clémentine Picolo, 28, an agronomic engineer specializing in nutrition, joined the teams of TargEDys as Development Project Manager. She is responsible for ensuring the interface between the scientific team located in Rouen and the industrial part. Clémentine also monitors the regulatory aspects and ensures marketing monitoring. TargEDys is pleased to count her in its ranks and welcomes her.

TargEDys at Pharmabiotics Global 2017

8 March 2017 - TargEDys will be present at the next Pharmabiotics Global which will take place from 15 to 17 March at the Palais Brongniart (Paris Stock Exchange). Grégory Lambert, our CEO, will take the floor to introduce the company. Do not hesitate to come and meet us during this event.


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