About TargEDys

TargEDys is an innovative start-up whose activity is based on world-leading research from company founders Sergueï Fetissov and Pierre Déchelotte, who have identified and described the 1st molecular link of the gut-brain axis.TargEDys is dedicated to the modulation of weight and develops functional food, medical food and pharmaceutical products to harness the microbiome’s ability to regulate appetite and thus maintain or restore metabolic health. The company, which is registered in Rouen, France, started its operations in 2015, but was founded in 2011 by an international group of medical science professionals from France, USA, Sweden, Japan, Brazil and Germany. Today, the operational team consists of a synergic team combining scientific, medical, pharmaceutical development and business expertise: Grégory Lambert (CEO), Sergueï Fetissov (scientific referent) and Pierre Déchelotte (chairman of the Board and medical referent).  



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