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TargEDys is an innovative start-up which develops new nutritional and therapeutic solutions for the regulation of appetite. TargEDys’ technology is based on the microbiota ability to modulate the mechanisms of hunger and satiety, thus to restore metabolic weight and health.


Thanks to its scientific insights on the "gut-brain" axis, the company develops various types of products, ranging from food supplements to drugs. They are intended to moderate the appetite of overweight people, on one hand and on the other hand, to restore appetite of elderly, or people suffering from cachexia or other forms of anorexia.


As a first step, TargEDys will launch two nutritional products intended for overweight (ProbioSatysTM) and frail people (ProbioNutrysTM).


ProbioSatysTM already has proof of concept on animals, using diverse animal models such as diet-induced and genetic overweight. TargEDys is currently working on the formulation of the product and industrial scale-up to prepare the first clinical trial. The arrival of ProbioSatysTM on the market is planned for 2019.


While probiotic strains often have generic or mysterious mechanisms of action, TargEDys is clearly making the difference. Indeed, the mechanisms of action of ProbioSatysTM and ProbioNutrysTM are extremely well understood at the molecular level and rely on outstanding scientific research.


In the long run, TargEDys’ products will improve the health and life quality of many overweight people as well as elderly, cachexic and anorexic individuals. 



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